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Not Your Average Survey - Ship Settlement Squat Study

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Morgan & Eklund, Inc. (M&E) performs many logistically complex, specialized surveys, which at times can be quite challenging. For example, PortMiami, is one of the ten busiest container ports in the United States. With increasingly larger vessels appearing in the shipping industry, the port has been assessing the existing channel depths since larger entrances and deeper ports are required to accommodate them.

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The Everglades Restoration Project

Morgund & Eklund Everglades Restoration

For the past five years, Morgan & Eklund, Inc. (M&E) has been surveying for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on the C-44 Canal Reservoir and Stormwater Treatment system in conjunction with the Everglades Restoration Project in Indiantown, Florida. This project is a key component in the effort to restore our national treasure known as the Everglades. Waterways and lakes in Florida are increasingly becoming polluted with fertilizer and nutrient runoff from farming areas adversely affecting the quality of the water ultimately filtering down to the Everglades and Florida Keys. 

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Eau Gallie & Banana River Muck Mapping

M&E surveyor from bridge

Many areas adjacent to the Banana and Eau Gallie Rivers have been drained and developed over time resulting in suspended sediment and detritus flowing into the Indian River Lagoon, where it settles on the river bottom, decomposes, and forms an organic silty layer of muck.  Over time, the accumulation of silt creates large pockets of muck which deplete oxygen levels in the river and can adversely affect populations of fish and seagrass habitat. The accumulation of muck (a silty, organic layer of fine sediment) on the river bottom has occurred naturally from stormwater runoff but has been accelerated by human activities such as canal construction and agriculture.

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Tampa Bay Hardbottom Mapping

Tampa Bay Bathymetric Hardbottom map

Morgan & Eklund, a Florida-based land and hydrographic survey company, has been conducting boundary, topographic, GPS and hydrographic surveys in south Florida for over thirty-five years. Projects can range from monitoring surveys to beach renourishment and the range of ecosystems M&E works in is matched by the diverse range of services they offer.

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